Housing Access

The Housing Access team hosted a three-part webinar series called “Housing First as HIV/AIDS Prevention” that engaged facilitators from local organizations who presented content on three major topics: 

  • the first on understanding Housing First and social determinants of health, 
  • the second on historical context on homelessness and housing advocacy in Boston and MA,
  • and lastly a crash course on the legislative process and tools for advocacy. 

This webinar series
was designed as an opportunity to learn about housing access in MA, the intimate link between stable housing and health (especially for folks living with HIV/AIDS), and actionable ways to get involved in policy advocacy.

Final Presentation


Grounding - Understanding Housing First

Saturday, 2/19, @ 10am-11:15am

During this webinar, participants will hear from an organization providing direct support and/or advocating for folks experiencing homelessness in Boston/MA, who will lay the groundwork for the social determinants of health, discuss homelessness as a risk factor for HIV/AIDS, define a Housing First approach (and other evidence-based interventions) as a method for HIV/AIDS prevention and greater health equity.

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