Focused On Zero

Worcester, MA | AIDS Project Worcester The Focused on Zero project plans to collect and analyze qualitative data from PWID in order to learn from how to best treat impacted populations. This project addresses a community need of gathering intel on a group that can be difficult to engage due to stigma. Learning from focus groups […]

Berkshire HIV Engagement Program (B-HIVE)

Pittsfield, MA | Berkshire Regional Planning Commission/Berkshire Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative The efficacy of any intervention can often be directly linked to the degree the knowledge of target community members is utilized – a strategy which has been employed for decades by both B-HIVE and Getting to Zero. In this project, further insights and guidance by […]

GEM – Greater Empowerment & Mentoring

Lowell, MA | Lowell Community Health Center One of the continuing barriers to effectively addressing HIV in the Commonwealth, as noted by both Getting to Zero and the Lowell Community Health Center, is the lack of popular knowledge about the realities of living with HIV, and of healthy and safe behaviors and options for those engaging […]

Lawrence & Lowell SSP (Safe Syringe Program)

Lawrence & Lowell SSP (Safe Syringe Program) | Lawrence, MA The Lawrence & Lowell SSP Project works to operate and mobilize safe needle exchanges. The organization also works to operate a harm reduction program titled OEND (Overdose Education Naloxone Distribution). The program hopes to enlarge their operations by increasing hours of urban outreach, increased staff, and […]

Clean Streets

Lawrence, MA | Greater Lawrence Family Health Center In the Merrimack valley, one of the highest priority populations for Getting to Zero are people who inject drugs (PWID). The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is a leader on this issue, and has developed this project, which will involve installing a community disposal container, or kiosk, in […]

Connecting Black and Latina Women to PrEP Information and Services

Hampden County, MA | Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts It is well-documented that individuals respond more positively to outreach tailored specifically to their community, and this has been leveraged successfully by organizations like Getting to Zero and Planned Parenthood. This project takes this traditional model and builds on it by reaching out to Black and Latina […]

Promote PrEP! Localizing the face of PrEP to increase awareness in Fall River

Fall River, MA | SSTAR Innovation often involves combining existing effective methods for creating change, and both SSTAR and Getting to Zero recognize the value of strategy informed by members of the affected community, and of a diverse and personalized marketing campaign. In this project, this innovative solution allows for the construction of a marketing strategy […]

Community Outreach Prevention Education (COPE) Center

Brockton, MA | Brockton Area Multi-Services Inc. (BAMSI) In keeping with the mission statements of both Getting to Zero and the HIV Prevention arm of Brockton Area Multi-Services Inc, this project works to connect people living with HIV who are undiagnosed with medical care and services in Plymouth county. This project is truly innovative in that […]

ONE LESS: PrEP access visual/digital campaign

Boston, MA | Amir Now Inc. In an ever-expanding world of technological outreach, both Getting to Zero and Amir Now Inc. recognize the equally increasing opportunity of innovative and diverse public messaging. The ONE LESS project supports education in a modern fashion by launching a multimedia photo and video campaign that focuses on online content management […]

Tulumbe! Project: A project to address HIV related stigma in the African Immigrant community

Greater Boston Area, MA | Multicultural AIDS Coalition Humanization and direct engagement continue to be amongst the most effective tools for groups such as Getting to Zero and the Multicultural AIDS Coalition in the fight against HIV-related stigma. This project takes an innovative approach to ‘humanizing stigma’ by directly engaging the African immigrant community through art. […]

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