Our Mission

This coalition was established to revitalize and redefine the HIV/AIDS agenda for advocates in the Commonwealth. In the process we found ourselves the ones revitalized- motivated by a new generation of advocates, some of who have been combating HIV for 30 years and have been transformed by the technologies, tools, and energy on the ground today. Sacrifices were made by these passionate and influential advocates. Their efforts brought us where we are today. Now is the time to broaden participation. When we bridge divides and create allies between generations, between racial/ethnic communities, genders, sexual orientations, HIV statuses, and faiths we multiply our strength and expand the scale of our impact. Getting to Zero MA shares a vision for the Commonwealth of zero new HIV diagnoses, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero stigma.

Download the Coalition’s Comprehensive Report to Get To Zero

Thank you to the community for submitting comments and feedback to continuously improve this report.

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