The People’s Sex Ed

The People’s Sex Ed is a webinar series that will explore a variety of topics that are important for people in our communities so they can make informed choices.

We are offering webinars for people from a variety of backgrounds, because we know comprehensive health education is important for everyone. In addition to learning about LGBTQIA+ identities or topics like pleasure, our webinars will be medically accurate and participants will also learn how to engage their legislators on this issue. You can expect that each webinar will: 

  • be free and hosted via Zoom
  • have ASL interpreters and Spanish interpreters
  • have a giveaway for (3) surprise gift card giveaways (one winner per gift card, you must complete the evaluation within 10 days of attending the webinar to be included)
  • offer a Certificate of Attendance as requested (requests for certificates can be made by completing webinar evaluations) 

Please register for webinars by checking out our linktree:! NOTE: Each webinar has its own Zoom registration link. You do not need to attend all webinars, but you do need to register for the webinars that you wish to attend. Please email Alyvia at [email protected] with any questions!

TPSE Webinar Schedule

Full webinar descriptions can be found on our website! All webinars are scheduled for Tuesdays at 5:30pm (see dates below).

07/26 - Living an Embodied, Pleasure Filled Life through Sexual Empowerment || 08/02 - Overlapping Spectrums: Autism and LGBTQ+ || 08/09 - How Intersectionality Affects Your Health || 08/23 - Not Your Gym Teacher's Sex Ed - Empowered Trans Sex Education || 08/30 - Birds, Bees, and Porn?!

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Living an Embodied, Pleasure Filled Life

07/26 | 5:30-7:30pm

What does it look like to live a pleasure-centered life? 

In this workshop, we will explore pleasure as a concept, life-style, and path to sexual liberation and empowerment. We will discuss the ways we experience pleasure, what brings us pleasure, and how to advocate for our own pleasure during sexual encounters. Participants will walk away with tangible skills and action items to live a sexually empowered, pleasure filled life.

Intended audience: The workshop is appropriate for people in high school and older.  It is specifically meant to be a safe space for those who have their access to pleasure limited by society, such as women, survivors of sexual violence, BIPOC folks, and queer and trans people.

Alex Aiello

Alex Aiello

(pronouns: she/they)


Alex was born and raised in New York City, where she attended public schools. She graduated magna cum laude from Davidson College with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies, with a thesis focused on pleasure and consent in college sexual relationships.  Alex has a wealth of experience providing anti-sexual violence services to her community as president of Students Against Sexual Violence at Davidson College and volunteer work as a staffer for the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network’s National Sexual Assault Hotline.  She is passionate about ending sexual violence and dating abuse through community intervention and education.  She currently works as a Community Educator at Day One NY, facilitating workshops about healthy relationships and teen dating abuse in public schools across New York City. In her spare time, Alex enjoys reading, doing yoga, and bullet journaling.

Sexuality and health education that includes pleasure is essential to ensuring that all people have life-giving, satisfying sexual experiences, yet pleasure is a topic too often neglected, or focused on straight, cis-gender white men. Pleasure activism advances equity of all people, giving those whose pleasure is often neglected the information, skills, and recognition they need to live a pleasure-filled, sexually fulfilling life.”

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